MPM Blown Film Extrusion Line

MPM Blown Film Extrusion Line


Equipment Information

Status: Sold

Diameter of the extruder screw: 1.5”
L/D ratio of the extruder screw: 32:1
Supply voltage to the extruder: 440 volts
Extruder barrel vented: no
Horsepower of the motor on the extruder: 10 HP direct current motor
Diameter of the die: 3”
Diameter of the air ring: Inner 5” outer 10” total diameter of air ring 16”
Width of the frame: 30”
Height of the frame: 9’
What is the width of the nip roll assembly: 24”
Horsepower of the motor of the nip roll assembly: 1HP
Supply voltage to the nip roll assembly motor: 180 volts
Width of the winder: 26”
Horsepower of the winder motor: 1HP
Supply voltage of the winder motor: 180 volts

Contact Information

Howard Dascal
(514) 262-7727