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5 Gal Morehouse Cowles Triple Shaft Vacuum Mixer

SKU - 4124-1

Used Morehouse Cowles triple shaft vacuum mixer, model ViscoMAX 3V-5-5-3X, 304 stainless steel construction, with high speed disperser driven by 5 hp motor, anchor agitator with bottom and sidewall scrappers driven by 5 hp motor, intermediate vertical auger agitator driven by 3 hp motor, all motors 230/460 volt, XP rated, vacuum cover, with 5 gallon jacketed mixing can, approximately 14" diameter x 14" straight side, jacketed for 14.9 psi, 1.5" side bottom outlet, hydraulic lift post(requires hydraulic power pack), includes Morehouse Cowles mix can discharge press out unit, hydraulically operated(requires hydraulic power pack), part# 485242, serial# LA646, built 2012.

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