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11.25 Sq Meter Komline Sanderson Belt Vacuum Filter

SKU- 3526-8

Used 11.25 sq meter Komline Sanderson horizontal vacuum belt filter, model CIX HVF 1.25x9.75m, with approximately 1250 mm wide x 9750mm long polypropylene vacuum tray, scrapper discharge, with (1) cake forming zone, (3) cake wash zones, (1) cake drying zone, adjustable discharge, cloth washing, tensioning and cloth tracking, vapor containment hood, includes vacuum skid with 125 hp, Nash liquid ring vacuum pump, model XL500, (3) approximately 550 gallon FRP vacuum receivers each with 7.5 hp filtrate pumps, K-S job# I-2567, serial# AD-114, built 2009.

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