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SOLD - 0.2 Sq Meter Rosenmund Nutsche Filter, 316L s/s

SKU- 3643-1

Used 0.2 sq. meter Rosenmund agitated nutsche filter, 316L stainless steel contruction, 20" diameter chamber, rated 90 psi full vacuum at 350 f internal, stainless steel jacket rated 100 psi at 350 f, hydraulically operated agitator drive, 2 wing agitator, mechanical seal with bellows, 5 hp, 230/460 volt xp hydraulic pump, top vessel certified by Steri Tech, serial# 93052, national board# 27, built 2002, removable bottom vessel certified by Industrial Pipe, serial# 4875, national board# 779, Rosenmund serial# , unit built 1988.

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