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1,200 Liter A Berents Becomix Model RW 1200 CD + F1000

SKU - 3886-1

Used 1,200 Liter A Berents Becomix homogenizing planetary mixing system, model RW 1200 CD + MV1000, stainless steel construction, 1,628 liter total capacity, 1,200 liter working capacity, bottom mounted 23 kW homogenizer head, top mounted 12.65 kW anchor agitator with bottom and sidewall scrappers, vessel rated -1/+2 bar at 134 c internal, jacketed for 4 bar at 151 c, with HMI screen, MV1000 Pre-Mix vessel, 1,400 liter total capacity, 1,000 liter working capacity, model MV1000, vessel rated 29 psi and full vacuum at 273 f internal, jacketed for 58 psi at 304 f, 2.2 kW bottom mounted mixer, vessel certified by Berents St GmbH, serial# 011/6-689, national board# 7, built 1999, with HMI and control panel with motor VFD controllers, system includes vacuum skid and process skid with 8.2 kW vacuum pump, 4 kW and 0.86 kW process pumps, and plate exchangers, controls upgraded 2017, 460 volt, CE rated, A Berents serial# 011/6-689, built 1999.

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