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SOLD - 250 Liter Ross Turbo Emulsifier, 316L S/S, Model TE3-250

SKU - 4158-17

SOLD - Used 250 Liter Ross Turbo Emulsifier, model TE3-250, 316L stainless steel product contact surfaces, 380 liter total capacity, 250 liter working capacity, approximately 37.5" diameter x 8" straight side, dish top, hemispherical bottom, rated 60 psi and full vacuum at 275 f internal, jacketed for 75 psi at 275 f, double motion agitator with sidewall scrappers and inner opposing paddles driven by 7.5 hp motor drive, central high speed turbine emulsifier driven by 10 hp motor, mechanical seal, agitation system bridge mounted with dual hydraulic lift/lower cylinders, (2)4" sight glasses, (2)3", (2)2", (3)1" top ports, 2" bottom outlet, external control panel with motor vfd controllers, vessel certified by Ross Metal Fab, serial# 15271, national board# 668, Ross machine serial# 108535, built 2010.

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